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The Mans.jpg

There are three mans (the name the pests use for humans) that share Flat 3 with Stix and Grandma.

As neither mouse understands human names, they go by what they.

So, here we have, from left to right, Schnookums, MyLove and Boo Boo. Sitting at their feet is their faithful sausage dog, Trevor.

The mans have no idea that Stix and Grandma live behind the washing machine and this is a very good thing - MyLove and Schnookums are both petrified of mice.

If they ever found out the two mice were there, they would definitely call Nuke-A-Pest, the super-efficient local pest control company. And Stix and Grandma really, really don't want that to happen as they fear Nuke-A-Pest above and beyond anything else. 


Trevor is the man's slightly over-weight sausage dog. He loves his food and sleep. He is not too keen on walks and he really doesn't like mice. Whenever he sees or smells them, he goes barking mad.

What annoys Trevor more than anything is that Schnookums and MyLove can't understand him. When he tries to tell them about Grandma and Stix they just think he wants food or to go outside. It's all ever so FRUSTRATING!!!


Pests website created and designed by Emer Stamp.

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