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Sir Sting-A-Lot is the headmaster of V.E.R.M.I.N. - the tough, rival school in the garden shed. He's a veteran of many successful picnic raids and he proudly boasts he's avoided being squashed on more than one thousand occasions. He is a strict teacher, encouraging his pupils to brake the rules not follow them.

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Ronnie (girl) and Reggie (boy) are squirrel siblings. They are also serious kleptomaniacs. If it isn't screwed or bolted down they'll have a go and stealing it. Their dream is to nick a car, and they are not going to let the fact they are too small to reach the peddles, or don't know how to drive, stop them.



Shirley, the hamster, was born in the local pet shop, but escaped as soon as he could. He was named Shirley because they mistook him for a girl (hamsters being notoriously hard to sex). He's a wily dude with serious street smarts. If you're in trouble, or you've got a problem, you'll want him on your side.

He also has enormous pouches with he claims to be able to fit anything inside.



Winx the dormouse loves a nap, in fact she takes around 6 months sleep a year - which really doesn't leave that much time for school. Her name is taken from the phrase 'Forty winks'.

She's the super laid-back one in class, who never takes anything too seriously. She also has a habit of nodding off if lessons go on too long.



To say Sly the snail is an elusive enigma is an understatement. He moves with unfathomable speed for a mollusc - disappearing and reappearing seconds later some distance away. He doesn't say much and when he does it is general something dark and rather sinister. 

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