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Moles are not rodents. They are digging animals that love to eat bugs.

Their favorite food is worms. One mole can eat over 50 pounds of worms in one year.


Moles are fast at burrowing - they can dig up to 18 feet in one hour.

Moles have twice as much blood as other mammals, they also have more oxygen in their blood, which helps them live underground.

Moles have very poor eyesight and are colour blind; however, despite what most people believe, they are not completely blind. Their very small eyes are covered in fur and are hard to locate. They use a specialized scent sensor on the tip of their nose to locate their prey.

Moles have specially designed curved front paws and claws; they use these unique appendages as a sort of shovel to create their long tunnels and underground homes.

Male moles are called ‘boars’ and female moles are called ‘sows’. A group of moles is called a ‘labour’.

Moles carry their tails erect, using the hairs on the tip of them to give information about their surroundings. They do this by brushing their tails against the roof of their tunnels.

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