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You've never met a teacher quite like Dr Krapotkin, and probably never will!

Hatched in Hell, by which she means the manky shopping center on the other side of town, she has a double degree in Disorder and Insubordination and a PHD in Anarchy. She has a casual love for wreaking havoc and making trouble.

An unfortunate incident with the number 73 bus has left her with a mangled foot and, a poke in the eye as a chick means one of her eyes is bigger than the other.

But don't let these disabilities fool you, Dr Krapotkin is one capable bird.

Next time you find yourself pooped on from above, or see a car covered in a large white dollop of gooey poo, you can pretty much guarantee she was the culpret.

Maximus Running.jpg


You know that nasty kid at school, the horrible bully who makes everyone's lives difficult? Well, that's Maximus. He's on a one-rat mission to rule the class, and he'll do so by whatever dastardly and cunning means necessary. 

And there is no way he's going to let anyone stand in his way. Especially not Stix, that miserable little pip-squeak of a mouse whom he hates more than any other creature in the world. 

Deep in Maximus's fur live the Plague, two equally nasty fleas who both torment and support him in equal measure.




Webbo is an all-round dude. He's extremely proud of his 'awesome silk-producing bum' and loves nothing more than spinning enormous, scary-looking webs - the kind you see high up in the corner of your bedroom that make you go, 'eurgh'.

Dug, the mole, lives in the garden of Peewit Mansions where, with his family,

he regularly digs up the lawn and terrorizes the hibiscus borders.

He's quiet yet keen. He'd love nothing more than to come top of the class, but he is way too shy to ever say.


No creature on the planet talks as fast as carpet beetle Underlay, which makes it almost impossible to understand anything she says.

Her favourite kind of carpet is shagpile, and she particularly likes old rugs that taste 'valuable'.

She always carries her 'comfort carpet' with her - a tiny chunk of wool that she chews on when she is nervous or scared.



Blue, the bluebottle, is all about 'the buzz'. By which he means flying around your head so loud and fast it gives you a headache. He also loves throwing up on your food - not to be rude of course, but to help him digest it. 

His dream is to live in the back of a bin lorry or, failing that, inside a food-recycling bin.

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