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Meet Stix, the small mouse with a big heart.

He lives with his Grandma behind the washing machine of Flat 3 Peewit Mansions.

Grandma has taught Stix to be a careful and cautious mouse. As she reminds him frequently, death is everywhere. 

However, Stix has an adventurous streak and he spends every night, whilst Grandma sleeps, perfecting his Stix Skills.

Stix's best friend is Batz. He's only known her a short while, but they are thick as thieves. She introduced him to P.E.S.T.S (The Peewit Educatorium for Seriously Terrible Scoundrels) the top-secret school in the basement. 

But, the big question is, can a cautious little mouse, who has only ever known the safety of his home, cope in the crazy world of P.E.S.T.S - a place that goes against everything his Grandma has ever taught him?


Say hello to Batz. She's one crazy, fun-loving Bat.

She lives with her enormous family in the roof of Peewit Mansions.

Batz finds it hard to take anything seriously. Her perfect night would involve flying around scaring some mans, telling some really silly jokes, and having a laugh with Stix.


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